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Battle Proven Foundation, LLC

Battle Proven Foundation was established to benefit all veterans, especially those who have proven themselves in combat and are in need of training, services, and jobs. The goal of this organization is to recognize the enormous contribution that a returning vet can make. Our non-profit 501c3 organization was established to aid veterans who have come home after sustaining wounds whether physical, mental, or emotional. We have been battered, tattered and wounded but we are all "BATTLE PROVEN" and reporting for duty!

What We Do

Global Disaster Rapid Response Team (GDRRT) Emergency Disaster Initiative

Battle Proven Foundation will utilize Emergency Powers Act to respond to emergencies at home or abroad. The organization will provide leadership and personnel to manage various natural and/or man-made disasters. The sole source of workers are derived from Veterans organizations and unemployed or underemployed American Vets.

Relief Aid
  Relief Aid
Job Initiative

This is a summary for the jobs initiative.

First Responders
  First responder
Medical Initiative

The Battle Proven Medical Initiative is to transition military personnel who served their units in a medical capacity, to civilian certified occupations.

First Responder Appreciation
  Appreciation for first responders
Prison Initiative

Find available properties all over the nation for little or nothing in “bad” areas. We will rebuild then; we will rebuild Detroit, DC, New Orleans. We will take the worst areas of DC and Richmond and rebuild them as part of our community development program.

Relief Aid
  Relief aid

Battle Proven Foundation in Action